Satcha Pretto Journalist

News Anchor "Despierta America"


"I first hired Stella in the summer of 2008. I wanted her to sculpt my body for a big trip my boyfriend and I had planned to Ibiza. She had delivered impressive results for my executive producer and I wanted her to do the same with me. My boyfriend and I didn't make it to Spain that year after all, but Stella has been with me ever since. She is part of my life now. Here's why: training with Stella is addictive.

In her small, yet powerful and muscular frame is an abundance of knowledge, passion and love of exercise that she has instilled in me. I knew a lot about exercising before I met her because I have trained all my life - except during my time in college - and have had several trainers. However, what I have learned with Stella has transformed my body, as well as my mind. She is a true connoisseur of exercising and I know she genuinely cares about me. For Stella, I am not "just another client."

When I started training with her, I was in serious need to slim down my body. I had a couple of extra pounds and had bulked up a lot due to the training regimen I was following. It consisted of hardly any cardio and too much weight training. With Stella, all of that changed. The first order of business was improving my eating habits. She made me realize how much sugar I was consuming and offered healthier food options for my diet. She also incorporated a lot more cardio, more dynamic exercise and fewer weight training. The cardio included running, which I had never done in my life. As a matter of fact, I hated running but I saw how much Stella loved it and I decided to give it a chance.

Slowly but surely I found myself increasing my mileage. I'd run a little more than Stella would tell me to, until I found myself running for an hour. I had asthma when I was growing up, so the fact that my lungs could carry me for about 6 miles was amazing to me. I started competing in 5k and 10k runs and was placing in the top 4 of my age group. I was ecstatic with my accomplishments and even happier with the way my body looked. My arms, legs, abdomen were lean and toned. Friends whom I hadn't seen in years couldn't believe how fit I was. It was not just the running either, it was the entire workout regimen Stella had me under. There was never a boring routine, it changed every so often and included outdoor as well as indoor sessions.

Stella made me fall in love with running; so much so that in 2009 I told her I wanted to train for a half marathon. Go big or go home, right? I was turning 30 in 2010 and decided I would challenge myself to do something I had never done before. The training required a lot of discipline, dedication and heart, all of which I learned from Stella. I ran the Miami ING Half Marathon on January 2010 in 2:00:26. Not bad for someone who had never even played sports in high school or college. The experience was so life changing that I chose to challenge myself even more and signed up for the Miami ING Marathon. With Stella's training, I managed to stay injury free and on January 2011, I crossed the finish line at 4:00:32. My experience was so phenomenal that I ran the second half, 6 minutes faster than the first. And there, to cheer me on at the crucial mile 24 was Stella. She managed to get there after she had already ran the half marathon. She made a difference for me then, just as she has made a difference for me in my life. I am now on the verge of running my second marathon and I am confident I will improve my time thanks to Stella's training.

Will I run another marathon? Perhaps. What I can guarantee you is that I will continue to train with Stella as long as she will have me. I already feel as though I am in the best shape of my life, but she insists that this is only the beginning. And given her track record with me, I am certain that she will continue to deliver even more remarkable results."

Satcha Pretto