Proper form in every exercise is the first step to building a fitness foundation, especially for beginners. If you learn good habits from the start you will succeed at a much greater speed and you will prevent injuries. Proper form of every exercise is the key to training success. The more proper your form is, the more effective your workout will be.

Good form ensures that the movement only uses the main muscles, and avoids recruiting secondary muscles. As a muscle fatigues, the body attempts to compensate by recruiting other muscle groups and transferring force generation to non-fatigued units. This reduces the benefits in strength by the targeted  muscles.

The main foundation of the proper form is your core and your back. Always keep your back straight and your abs engaged in any exercise that you do. Any exercise only delivers the right results without creating injuries if performed in the proper form. That's why when you workout with Stella, posture and right form is always beeing watched closely.

Sometimes very small adjustments in your arms can create an incredible change in your whole performance.

Specific for running form improvement, I use plyometrics drills which mimics all stages of the running. Normally executed once a week, they are very powerfull and prooved to help your running economy, allowing you to run faster with less effort.


Why proper form is important?

Proper Form + Mechanics​