Phil Lytle
North Miami Beach Police

SWAT team

" Stella has been my running coach for many years she has extreme competence in training, road racing, general fitness, and nutrition. She trains to change life style, without injury in the process.

Stella first started training me for 5 Ks, then 10 Ks, half-marathon, then finally full-marathon.
On my first marathon, New York City Marathon in 2007, I qualified for The Boston Marathon, (the crown jewel), and then qualified again in Boston. I have witnessed similar successes from Stella's clients.

And again she trains you to  get healthy, staying healthy,and losing excess weight, all while stayng injury free. I myself lost 30 extra pounds since my process began. I've been a North Miami SWAT Team member for over 20 years, and am one of the fittest, if not the most fit on the team at the age of 54!

Thank you very much Stelinha. "  

-Phil Lytle North Miami Beach Police - Member of SWAT team