Functional Training 

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dynamic + fun exercises

The human body moves naturally, in 3 different dimensions: sagital, frontal and transverse. So in order to create the best exercise program, its important to provide exercises who works all of those planes simultaneously, preparing your for a better quality of life.

Functional strength training is the best way to develop these dynamic strength you need to perform any daily activity. Whether it is lifting a bag of groceries, standing up from a chair, or getting into a car, every task depends on functional strength in order to perform it.

In my experience, the best form of training requires compound movements that incorporate your entire body. For instance, to prepare you for a daily  activity like  pulling a heavy object off the ground, you need the ability to transfer strength, in a continuum movement, without hurting your back. That’s why isolated muscles exercises  wont be of much help as only  train your body in one dimension. We must think in terms of complete motions.Standard gym machines normally do not work our body in a natural way, but only train us in one plane, as if we were robots.
The Functional training workouts involve compound exercises that are designed to enhance the link between our  muscular and nervous systems. Every day we perform a wide range of movement activities, such as walking, jogging, running, sprinting, lifting, pushing, pulling, bending, twisting, turning, standing, climbing and lunging. All of these activities involve smooth, rhythmic motions in the three cardinal planes.

Traditional gym workouts also are frequently repetitive and boring, and we soon lose the motivation to go. My workouts are varied and distinctive, and, most importantly, they are FUN! I use a variety of different equipment, like bands, stability balls, bosu balance,medicine balls, and heavy ropes.

We  have no need for machines or even a gym! And my routine is never the same, as I vary each workout depending on your progress.  Best of all, you won’t get bulky, but lean, with nice definition and great flexibility. In about 4 weeks or less you will start feeling and seeing the results!