​To get your fitness goals you must

get  the right nutrition !

In my whole experience trying to find the ideal diet I realize that  it doesn’t actually exists.
Because each individual has their own genetic heritage, gender, age, and personal life  each nutrition  program needs to be customized. Finding a balance between  healthy and fun meals!

Also it depends which starting point you are at in your nutritional knowledge and life. If you are overweight, or training for a marathon for example. Sometimes the first steps are  to start with smart substitutions, like fruit for candies, whole wheat for white, olive oil instead of fatty sugary  dressings. Its not uncommon for our sucess  fitness program to start on the shelves of the supermarket :learning how to read the labels and make wiser choices.

If your need to loose a lot of weight its  a key that you  find a diet which is attainable, easy, and enjoyable! So you are able to stick with for a long time and make real nutritional changes for life.

Another main discussion I have with myself is all about carbohydrates, that became the villans lately in the magazines and  articles.The main  problem here is if you are  eating just processed foods wich nearly doesn’t leave any of their original nutrients. But the whole grains, oatmeal, sweet potatoe, quinoa and vegetables need to be distributed on your daily eating routine as nedeed. My wise answer today is: it depends on your physical daily activity, on a specific workout, the amount of carbs you are gonna need. You cant be a great runner without providing your body the main fuel to excel. My philosophy can be explained as a timing nutrition, the right food for the right moment of the day,  before and after workout it’s a key moment to improve your workout and for proper  recover your muscles and liver. Also at night good fats and proteins are in need to recover your muscles and release the hgh. So the days you are not exercising, a good breakfast with oatmeal will provide you the carbs you need for the day and during the next meals its OK not mandatory to go low in the carbs. Im not a vegetarian, so I include some lean meat on my weekly diet,  but we can easily adjust your personal choices to a smarter one, with portion control, less sodium, more fiber and antioxidants.

Changing your diet is one of the biggest challenges when faced with improving ones health. A majority of people are used to eating highly processed foods on a regular basis and breaking away from that can be difficult. The good news is, it isn't impossible and once you make it a habit to eat clean, it becomes a part of your life. Eating clean is the practice of eating whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. It also means staying away from the junk like man-made sugar, bad fats (hydrogenated, trans-fat), preservatives, and high sodium precessed foods.

A person that eats clean generally practices the following:

- Eliminates refined sugar
- Cooks and packs healthy meals
- Makes healthy choices when dining out
- Drinks a lot of water
- Eats 5-6 small meals per day
- Eliminates alcoholic beverages (or significantly limits it) 
- Always eats breakfast

Building A Heatthy Diet :

Lean proteins :Lean proteins support strong muscles, healthy bones and optimal immune function. Protein also makes you feel satisfied between meals.

Fruits and Vegetables :Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that have been shown to decrease the likelihood of developing a number of degenerative diseases including cancer, diabetes and neurological decline.

Healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil: Scientific research studies show that diets rich in Monounsaturated and Omega-3 fats dramatically reduce the instances of obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and cognitive decline.